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The Elemental Angels It is a project that covers two aspects, as Collectibles NFTs through  collecting 6 Angels that can manipulate certain natural powers accompanied by a spicy lore that you can see in Angels section, and as Usable NFTs through a game play to earn.

The game are inspired by the lore of The Elemental Angels collection, the game project currently has 2 core modules that are under development by the Team.

The farming/staking module: In this mode, players focus on collecting resources through tools and constructions on the lands, you can use your angels to put on land altars in order to gain a extra of farming power. While Staking serves to passively produce token(s), you also can use your Angels NFTs to be stakeable on the platform.

PVE-PVP module: (Future development) In this mode players focus on using their resources to train units and be able to fight against the NPCs and complete quests in PVE mode in order to level up in a ranking for nice rewards, the PVP mode will be available later in which you can also fight against other players.

A world map populated by players lands

The world map is divided into 6 regions: Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Dark and Light,

every region is populated by 240 lands


Use your worker to collect resources

Equip your worker with NFTs tools to harvest resources from player lands, or be a

landowner to get a passive fee from other players harvesting your land.


Please, keep in mind this screen are in W.I.P and names, values, and images will change during the game develpment.

1) - With tools:

> Get a Tool from the market.
> Go to the "
Collect" section in the game and select a land to collect.
> Send your worker to collect resources.

> Use resources for forge new NFTs to improve your production.

> Or withdraw your resources and sell or buy on Alcor exchange.

How to play?

There are 2 ways to play the game

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How to get Angels?

You can get Angels from the market or by blending

2) - With a land and buildings:

> Get a Land and at least 1 building from the market.
> Go to "
My lands" section in the game and install the building in a Plot.
> Enter the building and select a farming option and get resources.

> Use resources for forge new NFTs to improve your production.
> Or withdraw your resources and sell or buy on Alcor exchange.

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 This is a fast overall resume of the project, currently we are in the production process and some things like mechanics, statistics, etc, will change during the development process of the game.

To follow the development you can do it by joining to our Discord server

If you want learn more about the mechanics, angels, levels, lands, tools, worker, etc, please check out our early Whitepaper version by clicking in the button below 👇

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Ornamental element_vertical.png
Ornamental element_vertical.png


  • ✅ Establish the collectible collection idea.

  • ✅ NFTs Art development and collection configuration.

  • ✅ Website development.

  • ✅ Whitelisting on Atomic Hub.

  • ✅ Launch of social media and website.

  • ✅ Start the marketing and community creation.

  • ✅ Getting partners (NBM and Breeders).

  • ✅ First promo Drops.

  • ✅ New Partner (NFT Horizon)

  • SALE - 1 (Collectible Era) (LvL 1 and LvL 2 passes).

  • SALE - 2 (Collectible Era) (Angels and Essences).


  • ✅ Game announcement.

  • ✅ Finish the main game/economy/gameplay logic.

  • ✅ Game UI development.

  • ✅ Roadmap Update.

  • ✅ Start the game development.

  • ✅ Smart Contract creation.

  • ✅ Whitepaper Update (V 0.1).

  • First private tests versions in the testnet.

  • Tokens listing on Alcor exchange.


  • TICKET SALE(Game Era). 

  • Whitelist creation for the next sale.

  • SALE 1 - (Game Era) (40% of Lands + Some Buildings and Tools).

  • Testing the game in the testnet.

  • Beta 1.0 release (Farming, Play to Earn).

  • Whitelist creation for the next sale.

  • SALE 2 - (Game Era) (TBD).

  • Start the Staking module development.

  • Beta 1.1 release (Staking).

  • PvE module Development.

  • PvP module Development.


  • Whitelist creation for the next sale.

  • SALE 3 - (Game Era) (TBD).

  • Beta 1.2 release (PvE + PvP module).


  • Mobile App - iOS + Android Development.

  • Final version release.

  • Continue development with new features.

Please, keep in mind this Road map will change as we progress in development, use this information only as reference and not as a certainty, since some features may be delayed and others may be advanced, also new features may appear, in any case we will try to keep it updated.

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